– No random snacking or carrying children around while eating
– No forcing or pressure
– No approval for unhealthy eating habits of children such as leaving food unfinished or skipping meal
– Teachers only encourage, guide, and support children.

At Sakura Montessori, from an early age of 3 years old, children have already been able to prepare their own meal: doing personal hygiene prior to and after the meal, taking their chairs and eating utensils, taking their food under guidance of their teachers, feed themselves and finish their portions.
And so, the meal time at school is always the favourite time of children, and they look forward to this time every day.
Sakura Montessori: Independence each day – Successful growth in future.
1. THE MONTESSORI PROGRAM OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS fosters the inborn independence in children.
Children are given lessons of Practical Life (such as scooping, folding, hanging clothes, buttoning, lace tying, food chopping, making some simple dishes, setting the table, flower arranging, etc.) and life skills during Montessori time.
2. LEARNING THROUGH DOING allows children to regularly practice with materials and real experiences. Their senses are stimulated; their independence is trained at the same time with their discipline, activeness, and flexible cooperation.
3. THE PRINCIPLE OF RESPECT & POSITIVE DISCIPLINE of teachers allows children to actively choose the work they want and learn at their own pace. Teachers make no praise/disparagement, reward/punishment, comparison, or interruption to children’s work; instead, they empower and encourage them each day.