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Teachers at Sakura Montessori Kindergarten

hoạt đông ngoại khóa có vai trò quan trọng đối với trẻ nhỏ

The biggest pride of Sakura Montessori International Kindergarten is its enthusiastic and creative teachers.

The school has always determined that the quality of teachers is one of the most important factors for the quality of Sakura Montessori’s education. Teachers are not only “teachers” but they are also the ones who inspire, spread love, and arouse the inherent potentials in each child.

Sakura Montessori creates an environment for all teachers to reach their full potential. Besides the “necessary” factors such as professional ability, pedagogical ability, certificates obtained, teaching experience… The “enough” factors are also carefully considered by Sakura Montessori: love children, dedication, enthusiasm and honesty.

With enthusiasm and unconditional love, teachers of Sakura Montessori are constantly striving to provide a respectful, safe and healthy learning environment for children to develop comprehensively intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. physical.

The administration and teachers of the Sakura Montessori Kindergarten System (SMIS) include international, Japanese and Vietnamese Montessori experts who have many years of research and teaching Montessori education methods at international preschools. economy and countries around the world. In addition, there are medical, administrative, accounting and English department staff who are professionally trained in the field of education.

  • Vietnamese teachers: Graduated from pedagogical colleges and universities majoring in preschool, English.
  • International team of teachers: Graduated from colleges and universities with majors in research in science, psychology, behavior, physical… and have international English teaching certificates CELTA/TESOL/TEFL…
  • In-depth training in Montessori PPGD & soft skills by the world’s leading experts.
  • The teachers are attentive, love children and give deep attention to each individual child, respecting their individuality and encouraging children to respect others.

Understand children’s development psychology, understand the world of children, have communication skills with children, professional working skills, skills in using modern information technology, enthusiasm, thinking With the creativity of youth, SMIS teachers always strive to research and learn preschool education methods of advanced countries to constantly innovate, improve and improve the educational environment at Sakura Montessori.