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About Sakura Montessori International School (SMIS)

Sakura Montessori International School (SMIS) was established in August 2011 as the pioneer in featuring Montessori philosophy in teaching, laying the foundation for the development of the Montessori method in Vietnam.

Affiliated with the International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM), Sakura Montessori Sakura Montessori International School properly applies the Montessori method to its pedagogical approaches.

As a member of the International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM), Sakura Montessori applies the Montessori method properly in accordance with international standards. Currently, the system consists of various campuses in the following provinces: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Thai Binh, etc. with classrooms designed with an open style to make full use of natural light and air and equipped with required Montessori materials, meeting different developmental needs of children. Special rooms at Sakura are all spacious and convenient, meet all safety standards, and satisfy different needs of children.


Years of experience incorporating the Montessori method


Well-trained teachers


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Why should you choose Sakura Montessori International School?

The leader of Montessori teaching method

The leading school of international Montessori in Vietnam with 10 years of applying and promoting the Montessori method in Vietnam (Hanoi, HCMC, Hai Phong, etc.). Sakura Montessori is highly regarded by parents and Montessori professionals for properly applying the Montessori method, giving children an individualized environment that unfolds potential in each of them.

Common Core Standards for English program

The English program based on the Common Core State Standards as the result of the partnership between Sakura Montessori and Mount Vernon, one of the top 10 most innovative schools in the US.nses in English and practice their thinking and analyzing skills. The program is instructed by 100% English native teachers with a wide range of creative and interactive activities, allowing children to establish natural respo

Loving and caring environment

A loving environment with a deep understanding of the physical and psychological development of children between 0-6 years old, thorough observations, and daily recording. Teachers at Sakura Montessori in Hanoi, Hai Phong, HCMC, etc. develop an individualized pathway for each child to support them at the right time. Sakura Montessori gives children care with devotion from their meals to their sleep.

International facilities standards

Facilities of international standards at Sakura Montessori with classrooms of international standards designed in an open style to make full use of natural light and air. Each room is equipped with a wide range of Montessori materials nicely arranged to meet and respect the natural pace of development in children, as well as satisfy their innate curiosity.

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Enjoy the sport day with our little athletes

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The Sakura Montessori child – “It’s more fun going to school than staying at home”

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Improve concentration & stimulate brain developmen in young children

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Explore science with “erupting volcano” experiment

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We trust and empower each and every child here at Sakura Montessori as instructed by the Montessori philosophy of “unconditional love” and “freedom within limits”. We believe that by working together, we – children, parents, and the school – can help our students become competent and confident human beings.

Ms. Vũ Hải Bình

We Montessori teachers all understand that education must come from love. herefore, all teachers at Sakura Montessori always give unconditional love to their students in order to become their reliable companions. A peaceful educational environment that meets all the international standards of Montessori education, while ensuring comprehensive development for children, is what we here at Sakura Montessori have been striving to give to students from their early days.

Ms. Fretzie Ann Flores

We’ve been learning from our students so that we can thoroughly understand them and give them the most exciting and appropriate learning experiences. As defined in our motto, “each day at school for our students must be a joyful day, and the teachers must be the people to inspire and make that happen”.

Ms. Abi