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About Sakura Montessori International School

Opening its door to students in August 2011, the Sakura Montessori International School System was the pioneer in applying the Montessori method into its early childhood education program, laying the initial blocks for its expansion in Vietnam.

Affiliated with the International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM), Sakura Montessori Sakura Montessori International School properly applies the Montessori method to its pedagogical approaches.

At present, the Sakura Montessori International School System has campuses in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Quang Ninh, Haiphong, and Thai Binh, all of which offer open-concept classrooms fully furnished with Montessori materials in order to capitalize on natural air and light as well as facilitate each child’s pace of development. In addition, the spacious and well-equipped functional rooms are in alignment with international safety standards and fulfill the students’ individual learning needs.


Years of experience incorporating the Montessori method


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Why should you choose Sakura Montessori International School?

International-standardized Montessori method

Properly integrating the Montessori method into its curriculum, Sakura Montessori International School offers students an educational environment that stresses personalized learning, respects individual needs and interests, and facilitates each child as they explore and learn through the help of the lively hands-on materials.

American-standardized English

Sakura Montessori has been collaborating with the Mount Vernon School – a U.S. top 10 most innovative school – in designing the Common Core-based ELA Program. Delivered by only native English-speaking teachers, the Program offers creative and interactive activities that promote the children’s natural responses.

learning environment
An ideal

Sakura Montessori provides children with an ideal educational setting encompassing safe and modern amenities and facilities, a highly-qualified faculty, a broad curriculum, and varied extracurricular activities. Children are given opportunities to experience and foster their innate potential.

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am most impressed at the extra-curricular activities at SMIS. Every event is well organized and carries meaningful messages. Theses events give the children chances to be creative, master their skills, and develop their personalities.

Mrs. Ngô Thanh Thúy - Phụ huynh bé Bin, lớp Orchid

Witnessing the wonderful experience my child had at Sakura Montessori, I can see that the school has done an excellent job in providing children with a modern, friendly, and open learning environment. The children are encouraged to express themselves, their uniqueness, and creativity, and are inspired to reach their full potential.

Mrs. Nguyễn Anh Thư - Phụ huynh bé Bánh Bao, lớp Lemon

I enrolled my three-and-a-half-year-old child when SMIS since it was founded. When it comes to child-raising and education, my family and I think that the environment and educational method are two key factors that greatly affect the child. And both these factors are well delivered at Sakura Montessori…

Mr. Phạm Thanh Tùng - Ph Bé Nancy

We trust and empower each and every child here at Sakura Montessori as instructed by the Montessori philosophy of “unconditional love” and “freedom within limits”. We believe that by working together, we – children, parents, and the school – can help our students become competent and confident human beings.

Ms. Vũ Hải Bình

We Montessori teachers all understand that education must come from love. herefore, all teachers at Sakura Montessori always give unconditional love to their students in order to become their reliable companions. A peaceful educational environment that meets all the international standards of Montessori education, while ensuring comprehensive development for children, is what we here at Sakura Montessori have been striving to give to students from their early days.

Ms. Fretzie Ann Flores

We’ve been learning from our students so that we can thoroughly understand them and give them the most exciting and appropriate learning experiences. As defined in our motto, “each day at school for our students must be a joyful day, and the teachers must be the people to inspire and make that happen”.

Ms. Abi