What is the true happiness of children?
It’s when they experience and explore the world in their own way.
It’s when they can be themselves each day at school, learning and playing to their hearts’ content.
It’s the cheerful laughter, marking beautiful and innocent moments of their childhood.
It’s the loving look of teachers to them each day at school.
It’s the pride in the eyes of parents witnessing their children grow up, obtain knowledge and refine their skills during the way.
Sakura Montessori – the joyful school of joyous children, which has been trusted by nearly 3,000 students and 6,000 parents nationwide.
1. UNLIMITED LEARNING AND PLAYING with interesting lessons (Montessori, English of Common Core state standards of the US, Echo Music, Life skills, PE, Gardening, Aqua-Tots Swimming) helps children develop their IQ, EQ, languages (English-Vietnamese) and life skills.
2. UNLIMITED EXPLORATION with creative learning projects, outing trips, museum visits, farm visits, and big events such as the Summer Concert, Winter Concert, and the Sport Day –These are chances for children to refine their knowledge and skills and build up childhood memories with their teachers and friends.
3. SAFE AND MODERN LEARNING ENVIRONMENT with premium facilities for classrooms, functional rooms, outdoor and indoor playgrounds: Children’s developmental needs are satisfied in terms of physical health, intelligence, cognitive, and emotions during their early years.
4. DAILY GROWTH with a scientific regime of nutrition, consulted by experts from the National Institute of Nutrition.
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