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Sakura Montessori – Hai Phong

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Located in the overall project of inter-schools from preschool to high school, international preschool Sakura Montessori Duong Kinh (Hai Phong) is the highlight in the good and modern educational works of Hai Phong port city. Sakura Montessori Duong Kinh was designed and built according to the EDGE Green Building standard system issued by the World Bank. Sakura Kindergarten in Hai Phong owns a green space, an open learning space and a system of 14 Montessori classrooms, Music room, Dexterity room, library, ball house, American standard Aqua-Tots swimming pool… with modern equipment system.

Sakura Montessori Kindergarten Duong Kinh, Hai Phong ensuring the effective application of the Montessori method, a comprehensive educational program through a variety of supplementary study programs, rich extracurricular activities,…

Khu vui chơi ngoài trời -Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngCầu trượt ngoài trời - Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngSảnh lễ tân - Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngTủ đựng đồ - Sakura Montessori Dương KinhPhòng học Montessori-Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngSảnh chính - Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngNhà ăn - Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngSakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòngPhòng chờ phụ huynh và học sinh - Sakura Montessori Dương Kinh, Hải phòng

SMIS Hai Phong News

ECHO Music Curriculum

Offering a visual music experience and exposing students to various musical forms, the Echo Music Program at Sakura Montessori International Schools enables each child to develop their musical sensitivity and vocalization abilities, ultimately nurturing their love for music. The Program is based upon the Montessori method’s philosophy and the music...


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Sakura Montessori preschool system

Established in August 2011, Sakura Montessori Preschool System (SMIS) is a pioneer preschool in applying Montessori educational methods to teaching in Vietnam. With the motto of creating an educational environment based on “unconditional love and setting limits for behavior”, Sakura Montessori preschool realizes modern educational experiences exclusively for preschool children. , meeting the needs of children’s comprehensive development in terms of intellectual, physical and spiritual in the first 6 years of life.

chương trình học tại đa dạng

The Montessori PPGD application, with a full range of areas: Practical Life, Senses, Mathematics, Language, Science, Art, Music… creates an environment for children to experience themselves, thereby making the most of it. available potential of the child.
Details >>

hệ thống phòng học rộng rãi

The system of spacious classrooms, full of Montessori materials, meets and respects the natural development pace of children. Function rooms such as Music Room, Fitness Room, Continuous Playground, Swimming Pool… are modern and spacious.

trẻ được tham gia nhiều hoạt động ngoại khóa

At Sakura Montessori, children can participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities weekly and monthly, helping children to have interesting and rich practical experiences, effectively supporting the development of life skills as well as fostering new skills. core values for children. Details >>

trường mầm non quốc tế hải phòng

At Sakura Montessori Kindergarten, children are introduced to English with the orientation of approaching language as a means of helping children experience new knowledge and skills. Details >>

hoạt động ngoại khóa tại mầm non quốc tế hải phòng

Various activities such as playing, picnic, gardening… are designed in accordance with the learning theme of the month, helping children discover more interesting practical experiences in life. Details >>

chương trình văn thể mỹ tại trường mầm non quốc tế hải phòng

Besides Montessori lessons, Sakura Montessori also chooses subjects such as: Vietnamese, Japanese culture, music and especially exclusively teaching the main course of 2 physical education subjects Jacpa – Japan, swimming Aquatos – America, helping children to develop comprehensively in many fields. Details >>

dinh dưỡng tại mầm non hải phòng

In order to ensure a balanced nutrition, full of necessary nutrients for children to develop optimally, Sakura Montessori built a school nutrition program specifically for preschool children, ensuring organic and convenient food. study, natural. Details >>

đội ngũ giáo viên tại trường mầm non hải phòng

Owning a Montessori teacher training center (MTCV) according to international standards in Vietnam, Sakura Montessori always ensures that its teachers are well-trained and meet international Montessori teacher standards. Details >>

trường mầm non song ngữ quốc tế sakura

Reasons to choose Sakura Montessori

  • Pioneering the application of Montessori education method in Vietnam.
  • The comprehensive and exclusive curriculum helps children develop to their fullest potential in all aspects of Literature – Physical – American such as:
  • Jacpa Japanese physical education program.
  • USA Aquatos Swimming Program
  • Music program Echo Music
  • Japanese cultural program.
  • A team of teachers who love children, are dedicated and well-trained.
  • Safe school nutrition program, natural organic food.
  • The system of modern facilities, to the maximum meet the learning and living needs of children.

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