Promoting the optimal growth of the motor system, enhancing stamina, and forming comprehensive skills and a sense of community are offered to the students of Sakura Montessori by the exclusive American Aqua-Tots Swimming Program.

The exclusive collaboration between the two partners is expected to bring children closer to an education extensively connected to the world’s modern civilization.

The American-standardized Aqua-Tots Swimming Program is centered upon reinforcing each child’s motor development and imparting a love for swimming onto them at a young age.

The American-standardized Aqua-Tots Swimming Program fulfills children’s natural growth needs

Sakura Montessori has been working in collaboration with Aqua-Tots Swim School – a pioneer in the swim training industry and an active member of the United States Swim School Association (USSSA) – to integrate a swimming program into its curriculum.

With its 30-year history of expansion and 75 facilities worldwide, Aqua-Tots Swim School sees to it that every child will receive training and show progress in the quickest way possible through its offering of a welcoming environment and safe teaching techniques (01 swim trainer/04 students).

Following its core motto, which is “Safety first, fun every second”, the Aqua-Tots lessons always highlight water safety and each child’s self-reliance so that they are able to overcome their fear while in any body of water. The connection between the learner and the playful setting also acts as a vital role in stimulating the motor abilities and ingraining enthusiasm for swimming in young children. 

For young children, the Aqua-Tots lessons offer them joyful motor activities with their teachers and peers

The focal point of the Aqua-Tots Program is the systematically-planned lessons, which are structured in alignment with skills and levels from elementary to advanced depending on each child’s ability. The Aqua-Tots Program, therefore, is highly appreciated for its suitability to children’s natural developmental pace.

For example, the Program emphasizes the COMFORTABILITY of children aged 34 months to 4 years old. The basic swim skills help them feel more confident when diving into the water. Children older than 4 years old will learn more advanced swim techniques such as free swimming, backstroke, and breath control so that they can harness control of their  skills and smoothly move in the water. For those already possessing swimming abilities, the Program will aid them to continue practicing their skills and enhancing their TECHNIQUES, STAMINA, SELF-RELIANCE, and SPEED.

With its logical age-based curriculum, the Aqua-Tots Program not only reinforces the children’s swimming skills but also promotes other abilities, namely rhythm perception, flexibility, thinking skills, self-expression, and deciding to act.     

The school offers all-season swimming pools with the surroundings always being kept clean, safe, and family-friendly. The water temperature is always below 32 degrees Celsius making the children comfortable in the water. The swim sections in the pools are specially designed to accommodate children of different ages.
The playground for children to play in before and after swim class
A pleasant seating area outside the glass wall makes it easier for parents to observe how the class proceeds

Professional, dynamic and creative training team

In order for the American-standardized Aqua-Tots Program to be properly carried out, the Aqua-Tots trainers at Sakura Montessori must have at least 2 years of experience teaching children to swim, participate in the 32-hour “Lessons for Life” training session, and pass the Aqua-Tots WSI test.

Each trainer is required to go through the standard Aqua-Tots training phrases from virtual learning and hands-on training with experts, to observations in classes conducted by the Aqua-Tots certified and qualified trainers before delivering their first lesson. 

The Aqua-Tots Schools’ well-trained teaching team is always willing to offer assistance and show their affection to the children

Having been certified as Aqua-Tots swim trainers, the teaching team will continue participating in professional courses and taking periodic examinations carried out by Aqua-Tots experts. These efforts serve to offer children rewarding and consistent lessons at all Aqua-Tots schools.    

During Aqua-Tots classes, the trainers act not only as facilitators of skill learning but also “bridges” forming the bond between the children and the playful learning setting. Thanks to this, each lesson will be a relaxing time for the children to release their energy and establish a good rapport with their teachers and peers.  

 The Aqua-Tots Program is currently offered at the following campuses: