After nearly 2 years of being delayed by the pandemic, children at Sakura Montessori now once again welcome the Sport Day with so many exciting games under the spirit “One team, one dream”.
Young children “become” little athletes joining interesting sports in the atmosphere of a real tournament.
An impressive performance with various movement games and useful activities, allowing children to practice their motor skill such as flash mob dance, tug-of-war, balance bike racing, football, and bouncy animal hopping. Every child put the most effort to overcome obstacles and challenges of each game.
With this “Sport Day”, the children experience different emotions within the sportsmanship. It might be a proud and enthusiastic spirit upon the tune of our national anthem, the excitement upon scoring a goal, or simply the teamwork and cooperation while waiting for a friend to reach the finish line in the cool race.
These will be beautiful memories that children will be proud of as they embrace each challenge by striving themselves. With the Sport Day, children not only develop movement skills but also improve their stamina and social communication, emotional thinking, self-control, independence, and the ability to follow rules.
Let’s cherish lovely moments of our little children in this special event of Sport Day! Hopefully, the spirit of SMISers for sports will always remain high at Sakura Montessori.