After more than 2 months attending Sakura Montessori Pham Hung, Rice has changed positively. Young as she is, she has been more active in things. She often helps us with simple chores. She also actively expresses her thoughts and needs, knows how to say thanks and sorry and other simple sentences during daily conversations.
Looking back on the time I was searching for a school for her, I had a lot of worries, wondering what kind of school would be the best for my kid. I and my husband had decided to choose a Montessori school for our child to have comprehensive and optimum growth from the beginning. Fortunately, after a long while getting advice and searching for information, I found Sakura Montessori Pham Hung.
To me, apart from Montessori approach in education, Sakura Montessori also has an appropriate curriculum for my kid that meets my expectations. What I love the most is that she learns English with 100% native English teachers at school.
Facilities are also another factor for me to choose Sakura Montessori Pham Hung. The school is new, rather spacious, and is equipped with all necessary modern learning materials and devices, facilitating the learning of young children.
Especially, I was so impressed by the professional manner and rich experience of school teachers and staff.
I will never forget her first days at school when she cried, was shy and so much reserved. There were days when she insisted on coming home with me or not going to school. But with the affection and care of teachers there, she gradually adapted to the new environment. Additionally, we at home still have a strong connection with the school with the Kids Online. We are updated on her progress, her learning and other things at school on a weekly basis. Thanks to this, we can actively evaluate her progress and provide her suitable activities at home. We are so much pleased with this.
The changes that my kid goes through every day assure my choice, and I more than believe that Sakura Montessori Pham Hung will give children everything needed for their best development and growth.
– From Ms. Thanh Thuy, the mother of Rice (Thuy Anh) – class Pineapple at Sakura Montessori Pham Hung