Located within the modern condo of Roman Plaza, Sakura Montessori To Huu (Hanoi) possesses a smart architecture with a combination of various facilities of a modern kindergarten within a luxury apartment, providing children with an international learning environment at an affordable price, from just 4,500,000 VND.

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Convenience for drop-off and pickup

Busy work, traffic jams, smoke and dust and so on easily make parents feel discouraged in dropping off or picking up their children at a faraway school. But if your child attends a school within the building you’re living in, this must be an invaluable experience for the whole family.

However, even if you’re not living in this building, your child can still learn at Sakura Montessori To Huu as the school is in Roman Plaza condo right at the intersection of Mo Lao – To Huu near the center of Ha Dong district, close to the new administrative unit My Dinh, making it easy to approach the administrative center of the Capital. Here, parents in the area can easily pick up and drop their children off and save their precious time.

Modern facilities

Being in a luxury apartment, the facilities of Sakura Montessori To Huu meet international standards and comprehensively the developmental needs of children.

The school is designed with a smart approach with modern classrooms equipped with luxury furniture; every room is brightened with a large glass window making full use of the natural light. Next to that is the indoor playground which is appealing with inviting items for play such as the slide and see-saw. This is the ideal space for children to learn and play at the same time, fully discovering, experiencing, and releasing their energy after each lesson. 

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Besides, there are many other modern facilities for a convenient life such as the outdoor playground, the swimming pool, and the sports area for children to freely move around and play.

A safe learning environment for young children

Up to now, the Roman Plaza condo with the design of “a green living space” with greeneries and a detention basin, giving residents fresh air and limiting any disease concerns. 

Particularly, Sakura Montessori To Huu ensures maximum safety for children with a duo security system. Pickup and drop-off within the area require an entry card and are always under guard. 

A rich international curriculum

The Montessori program at Sakura Montessori To Huu is comprehensively designed with 5 core areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Culture (Science, History, Geography), and Art, with various hands-on materials for children to freely select and explore. Children can henceforth establish skills for fine motor, gross motor along with independence, at the same time grow and develop according to their individual pace.

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The English program, which is based on Common Core standards, is another highlight of Sakura Montessori To Huu, with 4 lessons/week. This is the product of the cooperation with Mount Vernon – the top 10 most innovative schools in the US. The program is instructed by 100% native teachers, giving children an innovative, creative, and effective English program, helping them develop the ability to use English naturally and flexibly.

Apart from these two, the Standard program at Sakura Montessori To Huu also introduces other fascinating subjects such as Vietnamese, Echo Music, Life Skills, Physical Education, along with extra-curriculum activities, outing trips, periodical picnics, and various learning projects for children to explore and develop. 

With modern facilities of international standards within a luxury apartment, Sakura Montessori To Huu is a modern and safe school for young children to comprehensively develop throughout their first 6 years of life. 

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