According to Maria Montessori, the first 6 years of life is the “golden age” for children’s development. At this stage, the young brain, along with the ability to learn and acquire knowledge, is developing strongly. During the period from 0 to 3 years of age, children absorb unconsciously everything in the surrounding environment; and the 3-6 stage is the phase for the conscious mind when significant changes happen in the brain in terms of logical thinking, senses are working sharply, and children are extremely active in the movement.

Here at Sakura Montessori, children are supported to reach their full potential during their sensitive periods, as this support is as below:

Facilities and materials meet the developmental needs of children

Facilities at Sakura Montessori are modern with green space and fresh air for a modern and friendly learning environment, along with complete safety for children to learn, play, grow and develop during their first years of life.

Besides, the tools and materials at Sakura Montessori are nicely arranged in order to make them appealing and accessible to children. Rooms such as the Music Room and Art Workshop are flexible in design, which encourages creativity in children.

Montessori teachers – the “effective assistant” to children

At Sakura Montessori, all teachers are professionally trained in Montessori education. And so, they thoroughly understand the development of children throughout their sensitive periods and use this knowledge in their daily working life when working with children. In a Montessori classroom, children are free to select what work to do and the teacher serves as an observer and a guide who prepares lessons appropriate to the child’s ability, interests, and sensitive periods. The teacher is also the one to prepare the environment for children to explore.


With Montessori philosophy in the heart, respect is always paid to the chosen work and the pace of each child. Especially, when children are concentrating on their work, the teacher will step back to observe, take notes, and will only support when needed. They will not interrupt the child unless they are at risk or are not using materials properly. From observations, the teacher will recognize the needs of children and develop a suitable lesson plan for each child to help them fully reach their potential.

Closely work with parents to support children during their sensitive periods

If your child is a student at Sakura Montessori, you will be communicating with the school both directly and through applications to best support your child during his or her sensitive periods. Through communication, the Montessori teacher will help the family identify their child’s sensitive periods and then work together to help her or him in finding new things in life.

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