Sakura Montessori attaches significance to the Culture – Physical Education – Art Program of its early childhood education curriculum in the interests of the students’ comprehensive mental and physical development in preparation for their next grade levels.

1. The Physical Education (PE) Program at Sakura Montessori

A body in good shape will help keep one’s mind brilliant and positive. Besides the emphasis on the students’ intellectual development, Sakura Montessori also facilitates its students’ optimal physical growth during their early childhood.

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Sakura Montessori designs its PE Programs for the 0-3 age group and the 3-6 age group based on the core purposes of:

  • Forming a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude towards personal health care.
  • Enhancing the body’s control ability and movement coordination through deftness-demanding exercises
  • Harnessing physical strength through endurance exercises
  • Forming self-discipline and life skills through interactive activities with teachers and peers 

Additionally, a variety of activities such as gross motor games and the Sports Festival are incorporated into the Program to engage the students in as well as to boost their spirit for doing sport.

2. American-copyrighted Swimming Program

Sakura Montessori has been working in collaboration with Aqua-Tots Swim School – a pioneer in the swim training industry and an active member of the United States Swim School Association – to integrate a Swimming Program into its curriculum. The Aqua-Tots Program is currently being offered at Cau Giay Campus, Tay Ho Tay Campus, and Duong Kinh – Haiphong Campus.

With its 30-year history of expansion and 75 facilities worldwide, Aqua-Tots Swim School sees to it that every child will receive training and show progress in the quickest ways possible through its offering of a welcoming environment and safe teaching techniques (01 swim trainer/04 students).

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3. Echo Music Program

Offering a visual music experience and exposing students to various musical forms, the Echo Music Program at Sakura Montessori International Schools will enable each child to develop their musical sensitivity and vocalization ability, ultimately nurturing their love for music.

Aiming at reinforcing each student’s innate musical ability in different phases, the Echo Music Program is structured with two blocks for the corresponding age groups:

  • The first music block – Sound and Rhythm – for the 0-3 age group
  • The second music block – Melody Sensitivity – for the 3-6 age group

Not only do they practice the reading and understanding of sheet music, vocalization, and performing melodies using musical instruments with the help of visual aids like pictures, the students also approach classical music through visual charts, instrument harmonization, or creating music out of everyday items and “body percussion”. What’s more, they have the chance to learn about the cultural essence of different nations through traditional musical instruments, dances, or customs.     

4. Artistic Development Program

The children are free to explore the world and the surrounding space in the art room that is full of art forms, materials, and ideas, which give them the “keys” to open up their imagination and creativity, and allow them to engage  with nature and society.

The children of Sakura Montessori are imbued with the perspective that no such things as beautiful or ugly or right or wrong exist in the art world. Each child’s work is appreciated and recognized with respect and encouragement.

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5. Vietnamese Program

The Vietnamese Program is designed in line with the goals and methods appropriate to each age group (0-3 and 3-6).

The curriculum intended for the 0-3 age group aims at helping students manifest their ideas and apply proper manners in daily conversations. Children at that age can understand slow and articulate speech and express themselves through various ways such as simple words, facial expressions, posture, or gestures. The students can feel the rhymes and inflection in age-appropriate poems, folk songs, or stories.

The curriculum intended for the 3-6 age group aims at helping the students comprehend almost all daily conversations. They can clearly express their ideas and properly use Vietnamese to communicate with others. Not only can they feel the rhymes and inflection in age-appropriate poems, folk songs, or stories, but also can comprehend and retell the events therein.