Become an international Montessori teacher – Paid training job

Trang chủ Tuyển dụng Become an international Montessori teacher – Paid training job

Have you ever been thinking seriously about moving forward with your teaching career?

Do you think it’s right for the next step in your life?

These seem to be big questions though and you haven’t thought about it. Maybe you’ll end up somewhere you wanted to be? Maybe not?

Why not take the chance when it comes to you?

Sakura Montessori International School is now offering you a training opportunity to become an international Montessori teacher accrediated by the international Montessori training organization – IAPM. The training fee is around 5000usd which is covered by the school. At the same time, you still get paid as a fulltime teacher ($2000- $2200/Month)

For this reason, we are looking for 01 teacher who is able to accept a 03 YEAR  WORKING COMMITMENT.

After 5 weeks of training and 10 months in classroom practice, you could be promoted to be a Lead teacher at Sakura. Furthermore, you then could easily to find jobs in other countries and even your home country as Montessori Education is booming worldwide.

The start date of the training course is on 17th, June.

To apply for this opportunity, please make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Must be female
  • Must be Native English speaker
  • Hold a Bachelor degree
  • A minimum of 6 months teaching young children (infants & tolders)
  • Clean criminal record

Please contact us at [email protected] to find out for more details.


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